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Which Phone is Going To Rule the Market: Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone 8?

While the smart phone industry is currently being dominated by a lot of companies, but, Samsung and Apple are considered as the biggest rivals. One of the primary reasons of this rivalry is the fact that the smartphones manufactured by these tech giants are the most popular ones.
Over 30% of the current market share is acquired by Samsung and Apple, and the phones manufactured by both the companies are always the most high end phones with an array of astounding features to impress the customers. Both companies always try to present better smart phone to acquire the bigger market share, that’s why the iPhone and Samsung smartphones are always compared.

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Most often, the people who are able to spend over $800 for their new smart phone either choose Apple iPhone or Samsung’s most high end smartphones.
At present, the two smartphones, which have become the talk of the town are Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone 8. The release date of both, iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S9 is quite close, and everyone is speculating which one of these would dominate the market.        
Here is a close comparison of the technical specs of the two smartphones


Samsung is going to introduce 4K technology in its upcoming smart phone Samsung Galaxy S9 while Apple is planning to change the standard LCD display of its devices to OLED. Samsung, on the other hand offering a curved display, which the company calls as “Infinity Display”.

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OLED can significantly help Apple iPhone to deliver an outstanding display, as with OLED different pixels can brighten up differently. One of the ironic things here is, Samsung is going to supply these OLED enabled display to the Apple.
Samsung’s phones have always delivered outstanding performance when it comes to display of its devices, but, here the competition is between Samsung Galaxy S9, and iPhone 8 who’s display is also manufactured by Samsung (due to which we can expect an extraordinary quality).


Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy S9 with Snapdragon 845 processor, made using the 7 NM manufacturing process, while the Apple is planning to launch its next smartphone with an A11 processor made using the 10 NM manufacturing process.

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However, as per the current rumours, the Apple’s processor for its upcoming device will be able to deliver better performance than the best mobile phone processor of current time “A10 Fusion”.

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So, as per the current speculations, Apple is going to have the best processor.


While Samsung didn’t improve much in its Samsung Galaxy S8 camera, but, significant improvements are expected in the Galaxy S9. Also, the photography is always a standout feature in the Samsung Galaxy phones, and the S9 is simply going to carry this legacy ahead.
Furthermore, by equipping the camera with the Bixby vision, the Samsung has made the camera a bit smarter. It will provide the users the contextual information about what they are viewing from the camera. Also, the 8MP front selfie friendly camera is an added advantage.

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On the other hand, Apple is going to completely innovate with the camera. It is expected that the camera would have a vertical configuration, and this dual lens camera will possibly be equipped with AR capabilities.

Operating System

While Apple is planning to launch the new device with iOS 11, Samsung is planning to equip its Galaxy 9 smart phones with Android Nougat 7.0. Android Nougat 7.0 comes with an array of options that make customization much easier and facilitate a whole new range of new features.

One of the features that may give Galaxy 9 a better ranking than Apple iPhone 8 is DeX. With Dex, you can connect your phone to the desktop and use it the way you use the computer or laptop.


When it comes to price, Samsung is always a clear winner because Samsung delivers much more in smaller price. Apple’s phones are priced a bit higher than their Android counterparts. So, like always, Samsung Galaxy S9 would be a little lower in price than Apple iPhone 8.

Samsung Galaxy S9 v/s Apple iPhone 8: Verdict

Well, 2017 is certainly going to be a lot more interesting as soon Apple will launch the iPhone 8 and Samsung has already started to prepare for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in the early next year.
Samsung’s Galaxy S8 that was launched in the early this year,already showed how Samsung is pushing the innovation. There are so many features in the Samsung’s Galaxy S9, that, the users will simply get tempted own a Samsung phone.  Though, Apple is never far behind the Samsung, but, Samsung has always offered more in lesser price. As a result, many Apple users may get converted and give Samsung a try.

Several features that Apple is planning to launch are already there in Samsung, and that’s why, Samsung may get extra points for introducing innovation.  One of the points worth noticing here is that, the most loyal Apple customers never ditch the brand, so, it's going to be a quite difficult for Samsung too.
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