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Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept

While the launch and release date of Samsung Galaxy S9 is still quite far, but, the Samsung patrons and the tech experts have already started speculating the features and technical specs of this upcoming smart phone.
Samsung is known for introducing innovation through its astounding range of smart phones, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 will certainly be loaded with an array of advanced features, interesting tools and an amazing set of apps.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Features

The most well awaited features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 are the IR Blaster and NFC. Also, many tech experts are expecting that this new smartphone would arrive with a huge battery backup, and safer batteries. One of the downsides of the Samsung’s phones is the battery, and23w many people consider it unsafe.
But, this time Samsung will ensure that the phone batteries are the star performer. The battery would have an amazingly long backup and will be much more secure. There are many other features that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will come equipped with “Star” Codename

The code name given to the Samsung Galaxy S9 is “Star”, and as per the alleged rumours, this code name has to do with improved performance specs or enhanced display.
One of the common guesses about this code name is that it implies improved and refined Infinity display. The other guess is that, the new phone might come equipped with a superior processor that will make it perform like a shooting star.

Three Edged Infinity Display for Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched with an edge to edge infinity display, and it received amazing response from the customers, So, Samsung will continue with the Infinity display for the new phone as well.

It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will sport a three edge Infinity display, which implies that the screen would be curved from the three sides subsuming the top, and will have a 4K resolution. A gorilla glass 4 would be used to give the protection to the phone’s 5.5 inch screen.
The fingerprint sensor would be embedded under the phone’s display, and users would be able to unlock the phone or authenticate the payments by touching anywhere on the screen.

5G Network Support

Considering the upcoming networking technologies, Samsung is anticipated to equip its Samsung Galaxy S9 with a 1 Gbps TE Cat16 wireless chip that will make the phone compatible with faster LTE networks.
Also, this new smartphone will be compatible with 5G networks and thus, its users will not face any problems in accessing faster internet services which will be introduced in future.

Waterproof Design

As waterproof designs are becoming another popular trend among the smart phones, the Samsung is allegedly expected to have a new type of glass coating that will simply bounce off the water falling on the phone’s screen. This is why, people would be able to use it in rain or shower easily. Also, it will have strong waterproofing.

Outstanding Technical Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to come equipped with 6 B or 8 GB RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB internal storage that can further be extended with an SD card.
Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor, but the Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to have a Snapdragon 845 processor. This new processor will be built using the 7nm manufacturing process, which will make the phone exceptionally powerful and extremely energy efficient.

The current phone, Samsung Galaxy S8’s Snapdragon delivers an impressive performance. It consumes 30% less battery and is 27% faster as compared to its predecessor that was built using 14nm manufacturing process. The Samsung Galaxy S8 phones were built using 10nm manufacturing process, and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to be built using 7nm.
The Bixby 2.0 would be upgraded and made more powerful for the Samsung Galaxy S9, and the AI assistant might initially speak only English and Korean. However, future up-gradations are possible.
So, you can expect how much its performance would improve. Indeed, it would perform, like a shooting star.

Dual Camera

Another rumoured, feature of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S9 is the dual-camera system. iPhone 7 and LG C6 has made the dual camera system, much of a trend, and it is expected that Samsung will also follow this new market trend while equipping its upcoming Galaxy phone with the same.
There weren’t many improvements in the camera of Samsung Galaxy S8, but, Samsung is not going to repeat the same for its new smart phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Launch Date

Usually, Samsung launches its S series smart phones are launched at the MWC events in February. The next years MWC (Mobile World Congress) is scheduled for late February or early March, and many tech insiders are expecting that Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy S9 in this event, and will make it available for sales a couple of weeks after the event.

With all these speculated features, it seems that the new Samsung smart phone is going to be one of the most advanced future devices that will make many smart phone owners crave for an upgrade of their current device. But, which all features will be a part of it, which are just rumours would only become clear once the phone is launched in the next year.

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